About Me

Growing up, I always loved reading and writing. I still do. For a long time, I wanted to be a lawyer. Debating and language was fun, it paid well, and was reasonably prestigious. Then the web came along. Within a few years of trying my hand at some basic web pages in Netscape Composer, I was writing my first blog, which was also my first serious programming exercise. This marked the demise of any ambition of being a lawyer, and I've worked with code ever since.

Aside from my jobs, I've taken time off to work on my own game project. Nowadays I help organising Less Wrong Sydney, in particular the monthly dojos, and a celebration of the 2014 summer solstice.

I'm currently working on learning Japanese and Spanish, and have been enjoying learning Ballroom and Latin dance for the last year and a half.


A few years back, the realisation struck that I wasn't keeping any records, outside of what others took, of the events in my life. This seemed like a poor outcome, so ever since I've taken extra effort to document the things I do. Let me know what you think.