Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at Swinburne University

Skills Show more

  • XML, HTML, CSS (and LESS)
    • Bootstrap 2
    • Responsive Bootstrap 3
  • JavaScript
    • MochiKit
    • jQuery
    • underscore
    • Knockout
    • Web Sockets, Desktop Notifications, etc
  • Python
    • Django
    • Twisted
    • Zope
  • PHP
    • Code Igniter
  • Lua
    • Love2D
  • Databases
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • CouchDB
  • REST
    • Django Rest Framework
    • Integration with third party REST APIs
  • DevOps
    • AWS
    • RackSpace
    • Automated deployments
    • Continuous deployment
  • Team Management
    • Kanban / Stand ups
    • Feature planning & prioritisation
    • Security auditing & planning
    • Implementing best practices, such as mandatory code reviews, branch based development, local development environments consistent with server setups, etc.

Experience Show more

  • Lead Developer at HealthShare
    June 2013 - Present

    Notable aspects:
    • Led switch to Kanban driven development cycles, and transition to systems using Knockout.js, PostgreSQL and Django Rest Framework, based on successes at previous job.
    • Introduced fully scripted deployments, a new continuous deployment model. Updated testing and development model to better suit.
    • Produced online booking system, integrating health practitioner's profiles with third party software.
    • Led development of HTML/Javascript based widgets integrated in the leading medical software, allowing GPs to query fact sheets, and find specialists to refer patients to based upon specialties and geographic search criteria.
    • Began an initiative to decrease page load times, and increase speed of site.
    • Conducted a security audit of site, and staff policies, and introduced changes to combat identified problems.
    • Developed a new, secure, confidential text messaging platform to connect health practitioners and patients, across web and mobile apps.
  • Web Developer at Interface IT
    April 2012 - June 2013

    Notable aspects:
    • Developed inhouse framework for delivering REST APIs based upon stored procedures, on top of Django & Django Rest Framework.
    • Ported REST APIs based on a customised alpha version of the PHP Code Igniter framework to the new system, and developed many new APIs.
    • Improved the admin interface provided to clients, building new dynamic pages based upon Bootstrap 2 and Knockout.js.
    • Introduced a new documentation system, replacing old PHP API docs, using Sphinx and reStructredText.
    • Worked on a new scripted deployment system using AWS, boto and Amazon Cloud Formation to replace existing Jenkins deployments.
    • Worked on porting database technology in use from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
  • Independent Game Development
    May 2010 - Present

    Notable aspects:
    • Prototyping several different game ideas and evaluating game development frameworks.
    • Managing outsourcing of various kinds of needed artwork, such as concept art, unit and spell animations, UI art and game level layouts.
    • Learning Lua, the Love2D framework, two dimensional graphics processing concepts and other needed non-web skills.
    • Profiling and optimising different aspects of game code, when performance problems cropped up.
  • Software Developer at Fitness2Live
    November 2006 - May 2010

    Notable aspects:
    • Reporting system - placed in charge of development and maintenance of a new reporting system to aid client services.
    • Distributed content delivery platform - Aided in the redevelopment of the main website platform on Twisted, aimed to improve scalability, and ensure compliance with data hosting laws.
    • Original Zope system - Maintaining a large online health and wellbeing portal written in Zope. Included working with internationalisation support and creating a new automated mailing system to increase user engagement.


References are available upon request.